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WELCOME to the UKCBD Bestsellers Section – created to provide a simple guide to the UK's bestselling Christian books. Please note that as of July 2005 this section is no longer being maintained: the books featured were the bestselling titles at that point. Monthly updates are available in Christian Marketplace magazine.

All of these titles should be available from your local Christian Bookshop. If you're not sure where your nearest Christian Bookshop is, please check the Town & City Index or, if you prefer to buy online, there are links where available from each book to and

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Bestseller Status is based on national sales data supplied by Nielsen Bookscan Total Consumer Market for the most recent six week period available (last update provided 22/07/2005), taken from the top 50 religious books (Bibles, hymnbooks, periodicals, seasonal items and booklets priced under £3.00 have been omitted).

The Purpose Driven Life 1) The Purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren
ISBN: 0310210747
Zondervan, 2002

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Conversations with God Book 1 2) Conversations with God Book 1
Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN: 0340693258
Hodder & Stoughton, 1997

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Daily Prayer 3) Daily Prayer
Common Worship
ISBN: 0715120735
Church House Publishing, 2005

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Memory and Identity 4) Memory and Identity
Pope John Paul II
ISBN: 029785075X
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2005

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The Rise of Benedict XVI 5) The Rise of Benedict XVI
John L Allen
ISBN: 0141024704
Penguin, 2005

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God is Closer Than You Think 6) God is Closer Than You Think
John Ortberg
ISBN: 0310253187
Zondervan, 2005

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Why I am Still a Catholic 7) Why I am Still a Catholic
Peter Stanford (Editor)
ISBN: 0826485774
Continuum, 2005

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The History of God 8) The History of God
Karen Armstrong
ISBN: 0099273675
Vintage, 1999

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Conversations with God Book 2 9) Conversations with God Book 2
Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN: 0340765445
Hodder & Stoughton, 1999

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Mere Christianity 10) Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
ISBN: 0006280544
Fount, 1997

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