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Reading the Bible with BRF
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Resourcing your spiritual journey with the Bible

BRF provides a range of approaches to Bible reading. All offer a means to enable regular on-going Bible reading,
and thus resource you for your spiritual journey.
New Daylight

New Daylight

New Daylight is ideal if you're looking for a devotional approach to reading and understanding the Bible. Each daily reading includes the Bible passage (printed out in full), a comment from the contributor and a prayer or reflection. Edited by Naomi Starkey, the notes are written by a team of writers from different church traditions.

Contributors include Jane Cornish, Margaret Cundiff, Colin Evans, Rob Gillion, Peter Graves, Helen Julian CSF, Adrian Plass, Jenny Robertson, David Spriggs, David Winter and Veronica Zundel.



Guidelines is designed for people wanting more serious and challenging study. It contains continuous commentary on passages from the Bible, with introductions and background information, arranged in weekly units. Each week's material is split into six sections so that you can use it on a daily basis if you want. The weekly readings conclude with a "Guidelines" section which draws together the week's study and provides suggestions for further reading and thoughts for prayer and reflection.

The notes are written by a team of scholars and theologians, and edited by John Parr and Katharine Dell.

Day by Day with God

Day by Day with God

Day by Day with God offers daily Bible readings, comments and prayers from a regular team of women writers. Published jointly with Christina Press and edited by Mary Reid, the team of contributors includes Beryl Adamsbaum, Diana Archer, Anne Coomes, Molly Dow, Rosemary Green, Margaret Killingray, Jennifer Rees Larcombe, Christine Leonard, Kristina Petersen, Christine Platt, Elaine Pountney, Wendy Pritchard, Christina Rees, Elizabeth Rundle, Alie Stibbe, Cynthia Tay and Sandra Wheatley.

New Daylight, Guidelines and Day by Day with God are each published three times a year in January, May and September and are also available by annual subscription. They're available from most Christian bookshops or can be purchased directly from BRF online.

PBC - Ephesians to Colossians and Philemon

The People's Bible Commentary

The People's Bible Commentary (PBC) is designed for all those who want to study the scriptures in a way that will warm the heart as well as instruct the mind. To help you, the series distils the best of scholarly insights into the straightforward language and devotional emphasis of Bible reading notes.

Explanation of background material, and discussion of the original Greek and Hebrew, will always aim to be brief.

Each People's Bible Commentary can be used on a daily basis, as an alternative or complement to Bible reading notes. Alternatively it can be read straight through, or used as a resource for insight into particular verses of the biblical book.

To help build your People's Bible Commentary library, there is a special voucher scheme. Each PBC volume includes a voucher printed on the back page which you can cut out and attach to a form, also printed in the book. Every four vouchers that you collect entitle you to a free PBC commentary, which you can obtain via your local Christian bookseller or from BRF direct.

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