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Chapter and Verse, Buxton (website snapshot 10/1/2014) Chapter and Verse Chapter and Verse is the new name for Buxton Christian Bookshop, reopened on 1st July 2013 with a refreshed mission to serve the churches in Buxton and the surrounding areas, the Christian community and those interested in the Christian faith.

The shop has been thoroughly refurbished to create a bright, fresh, comfortable and welcoming environment for customers inside and a new look externally. A completely new and interesting stock has been acquired with Bibles, books of devotion and thought-provoking issues of ethical and religious interest, children's Bibles and books, quality cards, gifts and music along with a small secondhand book section with carefully selected quality books.

A quiet area with comfortable seating is provided in the rear room for people to relax and browse.

The Official Opening: Video by DerbyChurch.net

Secondhand Christian Books
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2/4 Market Street
Derbyshire SK17 6JY  • Map
Phone: 01298 26843

Contact: Peter Wright

Website: www.chapterandverse.org.uk

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Opening Times
Monday to Saturday, 9.30am - 5pm
(except Wednesday: closed all day)

Products & Services Available
checkbox Member of the Booksellers Association
checkbox Booktokens Stockist | Caboodle
checkboxChristian Books & Bibles
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxSecondhand Stockist

Other Info
Registered Charity No. 1046267

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