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Catholic Truth Society Bookshop, Manchester Closure announcement posted at www.cts-manchester.org.uk:
We are sorry to announce the closure of our bookshop in Manchester city centre. As regular customers will be aware, the past few years have been a financial struggle, with the inexorable rise in the cost of renting city centre premises, and the changes which have taken place in the retail sector.

A new bookshop will be opening in the Diocese of Salford Cathedral Centre in early November. For more information, see the Diocese of Salford website.

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Ceased trading (Archived Entry)

Brazennose House West, Brazennose Street,
Manchester, M2 5BD

News & Notes (most recent first)
Bene Merenti for Bookshop Manager: Diocese of Salford News, 22/12/2011
New Diocesan Bookshop: Diocese of Salford News, 6/4/2011

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