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Top of Page Dovewell Christian Books & Music (KT Bookshop), London

From the shop's About Us page:
Dovewell runs a bookshop, Christian Books & Music, in the Kensington Temple church building. Christian Books & Music has a wide selection of books, music, gifts, videos, DVDs etc. that will help you in your journey into maturity in Christ. Many of its products are available to order on-line or by mail order...

Specialist Interests
Colin Dye publications and other KT ministry resources

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Kensington Temple
Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill Gate
W11 3BY  • Map
Phone: 020 7727 8684

Website: www.ktshop.com

Opening Times
Sunday, 10am - 9pm
Monday, Closed
Tuesday & Wednesday, 12 noon - 8pm
Thursday & Friday, 3pm - 7pm
Saturday, 2.30pm - 7pm

Products & Services Available
checkboxChristian Books
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxCredit & Debit Cards accepted
checkboxMail Order service

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