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End of DLM Programme

Bishop Announces End of DLM Programme (08/05/2009)


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Announcement from the Bishop of Kensington

8 May 2009

Kensington Area Deanery Licensed Ministers

Since my appointment as Bishop of Kensington I have been seeking to address a number of areas of ministry that have been under review. This has included giving careful consideration to the training and deployment of clergy across the Area. I am writing to let you know that after consultation I have decided that commencement on the DLM training programme will cease to be offered from the end of July.

The original vision to identify and deploy clergy who are ‘trained locally and serve locally’ remains undiminished. However, the training landscape in the diocese has evolved considerably over the past three years, most notably with the exciting initiative of St Mellitus College, incorporating the North Thames Ministerial Training Course and the St Paul’s Theological Centre, soon to be based at St Jude’s, Courtfield Gardens. In the work of nurturing vocations the possibility of a self supporting minister being licensed to a deanery remains a credible and creative way of supporting the mission of the church in the Area. However, the principal training route can now be through the St Mellitus programme, which will continue to provide forms of training for this type of ministry within existing pathways.

There are four students in the present cohort who are training under the DLM Scheme. Their training will continue with STETS and where appropriate they will be ordained and licensed as deanery ministers. I am particularly grateful to Sue Groom for the outstanding teaching and pastoral care she has provided as DLM Course Director, as well as the valuable contribution she has made to the teaching programmes at STETS and St Mellitus.

Over the next year I look forward to exploring further ways in which we can foster vocations to ordination across the Area, with an ever renewed vision of the thrilling potential of serving our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of his church.

With every blessing

+ Paul

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