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Bishop Announces End of DLM Programme (08/05/2009)


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New Ministry Initiative in the Diocese of London (08/03/2007)

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DLM Study Group 2007

The DLM Study Group 2007 together with the Rt Revd Michael Colclough, Bishop of Kensington, and the Revd Sue Groom, Director of Deanery Licensed Ministers

Deanery Licensed Ministers (DLMs)

Kensington Episcopal Area

Training Locally, Serving Locally
Spread the Word, Feed the People

For the Church

God calls us all to minister in the Church. He may be calling you to minister in your local Deanery as a priest or as a deacon.

Deanery Licensed Ministers (DLMs) are...

people who have been called by God to minister specifically in their own area as non-stipendiary priests or deacons. Once ordained, you will be licensed to the Deanery in which you live. You will serve your curacy within your own Deanery.

The Church needs DLMs...

because the church wants to give everyone the opportunity to respond as fully as possible to God's call. It needs to extend the pastoral ministry it offers to God's people and to strengthen its Mission to every part of the Kensington Area. You may be just the person God is calling.

God's Calling...

comes to very different people in different situations. You will be a person who has a deep and searching faith and an openness to share this with others. You may be a person who has thought about ordination before but because of work or family did not feel able to respond at that time. You will be a person who can recognise further opportunities for ordained ministry in your local community.

Now is the Time...

for you to respond. If you feel that God may be calling you to ordained ministry then in the first instance speak to your parish priest. He or she will spend time talking to you about your sense of vocation and when you both think that you are ready you will be asked to go to see the Area Director of Ordinands (ADO). Along with others the ADO, will help you to talk about your vocation and when the time is right you will meet with the Bishop who will decide whether you are ready to be sent to a national Advisory Panel.

You will be trained...

so that you can respond fully to God's call. Training will take place on a part-time basis. It will be organised locally within the Kensington Area. You will study with a local tutor in small groups and your learning will be complemented with residential sessions. The training will take 3 years.

“My vision is to build up a group of clergy; filled with the Spirit, steeped in prayer and ready to respond to the pastoral needs of God's people where they live. Through this exciting development in the Kensington Area, the Church will be better equipped to reach out to those who have not yet heard the Good News of God's love through Jesus Christ and to support Christian people in their own vocation and ministry.”

+ Michael Kensington

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