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What are Deanery Licensed Ministers?

Deanery Licensed Ministers are people who have been called by God to minister specifically in their own area as non-stipendiary priests or deacons. DLM vocations come from mature Christians who have lived a stable spiritual life within a parish.

It is to be understood that DLMs are locally deployable clergy. They will always be assistant clergy and will not carry sole responsibility for a parish. They will be expected to work within a local Deanery and always under the leadership of the Area Dean. Deanery Licensed Ministry is not to be seen as a backdoor route to stipendiary ministry.

DLMs may also have specialist gifts which could include (but not be restricted to) bereavement ministry, working with the elderly or youth, schools work, parish administration, marriage preparation, training in parenting skills, project management. These skills should be cherished, acknowledged and shared for the benefit of the wider church. They could be offered across the Deanery in order to support the development of discrete projects in parishes.

Ordination training will be undertaken on a three year part-time basis through an established training scheme (i.e. the regional Course), shaped to the particular needs of DLMs. Training will include local delivery in small tutorial groups complemented by residential sessions with the whole cohort. The training is overseen by a local, full-time Director. Once ordained, as with other clergy in the Episcopal Area, DLMs will be expected to participate in Post-Ordination Training (POT) and Continuing Ministerial Education (CME).

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