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Christmas 2002

A Year in Yiewsley
Just over a year, in fact, and it’s been a challenging time with lots of encouragements along the way. One particular responsibility Sue’s had to get used to is being in charge of not only a congregation but also the building that houses them. St Matthew’s is a superbly appointed building that’s seen a lot of changes in its time, but hasn’t seen as much basic maintenance as might be desirable, so we’re finding all sorts of holes and have had to launch — yes, you’ve guessed it — a roof repair fund. Roof Rot

This picture shows some of the rot that’s been uncovered. Thankfully, this section has now been fixed but we know, from the state of the roof, that there’s going to be more like it and maybe worse in the future if the roof isn’t fixed. Anyone out there got £10,000 going spare?
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That’s one of the challenges. Here’s one of the encouragements: the Bishop has announced that he’s “restoring the living.” For those unfamiliar with Anglican-Speak, that means Sue is to be formally appointed as Vicar, whereas at present she’s Priest in Charge. This gives security to both Sue and the parish by making the post permanent. The big day is January 9th: all are welcome!

Out of Hospital
Thank you to everyone who sent cards, get well wishes and prayed for us whilst Sue was in hospital in September. The op went well and she’s made an excellent recovery - so good, in fact, that the surgeon’s already got her scheduled in for the next op, on the other leg. Provisionally, August 2003.

Almost still in Harefield Marina! It’s a year since we announced our plan to move her into the new Marina under construction just around the corner, but British Waterways, the marina’s owners, have yet to complete it. As we said last time around, watch this space!!

London Bible College
If you’ve visited the bookshop website recently you’ll be aware that you still can’t buy your books there online. But you may not have spotted our link to Amazon: if you are an online book buyer, please use that link whenever possible — for every book bought through it, Amazon pay the college a small commission which helps to subsidise student fees. Thank you. Snowman

Lingusitic Anaylsis?
Err, yes... The typesetters goofed up big time with Sue’s book so publication has been delayed. Another space to watch, folks!

Family News
We’re very sad to report that Phil’s sister-in-law, Linda, died on December 7th.
Please continue to pray for Anthony and the children as they struggle to come to terms with her loss.

On a happier note, Sue’s sister, Sister Mary Cuthbert, takes life vows next year to become a permanent sister of SOLI, the Society of Our Lady of the Isles! We hope to go up to Fetlar for the occasion.

There’s lots more we could tell you but we’re clean out of space — keep an eye on for the latest news!

With our love, prayers and best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead — Phil & Sue

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