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Welcome to another stunning edition of your favourite Christmas newsletter! OK, that’s the hype & spin over with, now let’s get down to reality (wouldn’t it be wonderful if the politicians could get it over with as fast as that?).

Roof Repairs
Ah yes, the ongoing saga of a leaking church roof.... The big section in the middle of the roof has now been fixed thanks to some very generous giving from members of the congregation and from those further afield. Thank you to all concerned! Unfortunately we now have another leak in the roof over the Lady Chapel so it’s back to the fundraising routines. By the time you read this, we’ll have had our Christmas Bazaar and should have made some progress towards what’s going to be needed.

But there’s much more to St Matthew’s than roof repairs! Check out the website to find out:

Leg Repairs
That’s Sue’s leg, of course–her right leg this time, which she took into hospital in September and brought back home minus the screws & plate they’d put in nearly 40 years ago to hold the thigh bone together. Thanks to everyone who’s been praying–Sue’s made an excellent recovery and, all being well, it will be at least five years before any further ops are needed.

Sue‘s still tutoring for LBC’s Open Learning Dept and has also signed up as a tutor for STETS, the Southern Theological Education Training Scheme, training other would-be vicars. All quite crazy, of course: it’s a requirement.

Boat Repairs
Well, perhaps not exactly repairs, just ongoing maintenance. Almost is overdue for drydocking, so you can guess what Phil’s going to be doing with his Easter break next year. Anyone who fancies getting their hands... and face... and everything else... thoroughly filthy is more than welcome to come along and join in the fun. Free food & board for willing workers!!
Visit the Dry Dock Gallery

Thankfully Almost is much closer to home now, safely moored in Packet Boat Marina, just a 15 minute walk down the towpath from St Matthew’s.

Christmas 2003
Bethlehem Fetlar
We spent this year’s (late) summer holiday with friends & family in Fetlar for Sue’s sister’s life profession. Sister Mary Cuthbert is now a fully-fledged member of SOLI and it was a wonderful privilege to be able to join the community for what proved to be a very special occasion. To find out more about SOLI, treat yourself to a copy of mother Mary Agnes’ latest book, For Love Alone – you’ll find a review (by Sue) at

No.1 at Google!
It’s every web developer’s dream, apparently: to reach the top spot at Google for your chosen key words. So go there today and search for Christian Bookshops...

Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew Rolling in the Royalties!
OK, I exaggerate somewhat, but the good news is that Sue’s book finally made it into print this year! It’s been well-received and yes, it has sold enough copies to generate a modest royalty fee. It’s priced at £19.99 and is available from the LBC Bookshop – which will be changing its name, along with the College, in February 2004, becoming London School of Theology Books & Resources. The new name gives a better idea of what the shop offers–it’s more than just books, and it’s keeping Phil as busy as ever.

With our love, prayers and very best wishes for
Christmas and the year ahead,

Phil & Sue

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