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Farewell to St Matthew’s
This edition of GroomNews is the last one we’ll be writing from St Matthew’s: Sue has a new job lined up for the New Year, as Director of Deanery Licensed Ministers (DLMs) for Kensington. We move in February for Sue to start in her new rôle on March 1st. We’ll let you know our new address nearer the time, but in the meantime you can still keep track of us online at

In case you’re wondering what exactly a Director of Deanery Licensed Ministers is – so are we! It’s a new initiative, created as part of the Kensington Area’s response to Mission-Shaped Church, a report published in 2004 examining ways forward for the Church of England in the 21st Century. Deanery Licensed Ministry represents a new way of deploying clergy at deanery level, and Sue’s job, working in conjunction with STETS (the Southern Theological Education Training Scheme), will be to train new clergy and make it happen.

Please Pray
  • For the people of St Matthew’s, facing a period of uncertainty until a new vicar is appointed.
  • For Sue, as she prepares for a new set of challenges and responsibilities.
  • For the people of Kensington as they embrace a new way of being and doing church.
It’s been an enormous privilege to be part of the Yiewsley community: we prepare to leave with a sense of sadness mixed with a sense of excitement – and some trepidation! – at what lies ahead.

Education & Training
Despite (or perhaps because of?) the extra work, Sue thoroughly enjoyed her involvement with Reader Training this year: it was a special joy to see three of the Readers licensed in October. Sue’s own education continues: in September she started work for a DMin at Durham.

Almost is still afloat in Packet Boat Marina, where she sits most of the time quietly enjoying the company of all the other boats. Every so often she rocks about excitedly when we pay her the odd visit. She allowed us to take her out for a couple of weeks in September, up the Grand Union, a very refreshing break for all of us.

Family News
Phil’s nephew, Andrew, who we asked you to pray for this time last year, is much better now. Please continue to pray for him and for his family: it’s been a tough year for them. We’re looking forward to a brief visit to Leicester before Christmas to catch up with everyone. There’s big cause for celebration in 2007 as Phil’s parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary comes around!

Sue spent her post-Easter break with her sister, Alison, in Tavistock. They went out exploring the surrounding area: it was good to see where Alison lives with such beautiful countryside and coasts.

Body & Soul
It’s been another good year for Sue’s health, still enjoying swimming whenever she gets the chance, and disappearing for retreats at the Franciscan Friary in Alnmouth, Northumberland.

Reading & Writing
We’re both as busy as ever reading & writing, mostly writing about what we’ve been reading in the form of more and more book reviews: along with dozens of other reviewers, we each now have our own dedicated pages at Phil's Reviews | Sue's Reviews

Phil’s always got plenty of books looking for reviewers: please give him a shout if you’d like to join in the fun. You get to keep any books you review, free of charge! Yes, that’s right: FREE books for reviewers! What more could you ask?

CBC 2007
Phil’s been invited to speak and lead a seminar about “The Internet Revolution” at the Christian Booksellers Convention in February. Prayers for inspiration appreciated!

The bookshop at LST still keeps Phil out of trouble five days a week, with the busiest ever start to the academic year this autumn – so busy, in fact, that he’s had to stop taking orders several times simply to keep up with the amount of work. He has an able assistant in the form of Nick Aston, who you can get to know at – as well as being a part time bookseller, Nick’s a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. So next time you sprain a joint or strain a muscle, you know where to come!

Peace to you

As always, this comes with our love, best wishes for Christmas
and our prayers for peace in the year ahead,
Phil & Sue

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