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to another stunning edition of your favourite family snoozeletter: the newsletter that won't take offence if you curl up in front of a warm fireplace and fall asleep as you read it.
All sorts of things have happened since the summer edition: Sue's been awarded her MPhil, Phil's changed jobs again and we've built ourselves this website (okay, Phil's built us this website: Sue accepts no liability whatsoever for what you'll find here).

In an attempt to sum it all up, Sue's written a handy A to Z of life in the fast lane. Well, okay, life in Eastcote: hold on tight!

Christmas 2000 Quiz Night: Guess who won the booby prize!

Relax with a game of Scrabble.

SPIDIR: a course for trainee Spiritual Directors.

Tyndale Fellowship: after six years as a member, Sue finally attended a conference this year.

Under Consideration: Publication of a certain MPhil...

Verrucas: ouch! The less said the better. Poorly feet for Sue, but now on the mend.

Writing: an article for the Concise Encyclopaedia of Language and Religion. Buy your copy today!

eXtreme Weather Conditions: we all know about the Autumn rains this year, and we're pleased to report that Almost hasn't been swept away!

Year 1 down: 2 to go. Time, as ever, flies by too fast.

Zoo: Sue: you, too. National Poetry Award, please! At this point the print version of GroomNews ran out of space, so an especial welcome to any visitors who've come here from there. Sue has become a regular visitor at London Zoo, where her favourite animals are as listed at E, above. If you come visiting, don't be surprised if we take you for a day out to see them!

Almost: visit the Dry Dock Gallery to see some photos taken by Beefy, who helped us out in dry dock in May. Thanks again, Beef!

Bulletin: the St. Lawrence weekly notice sheet is now Sue's responsibility.

Chocolate: cravings continue.

Diocesan Synod: guess who's on it?

Elephants: favourite animal at Z.

Free For All: The latest edition is now in print — and online at the
St. Lawrence Website

St. Lawrence Church

Genesis: tutoring for one of London Bible College's Distance Learning Courses.

Holiday: on Fetlar, visiting Sue's sister, with the Society of Our Lady of the Isles. It's a long way north!

Illness: in Phil's family, especially his sister-in-law, Linda, who was diagnosed with cancer in the summer. Chemotherapy and a lot of prayer appear to have beaten it into remission, but please continue to pray for Linda, her husband Anthony and their four children. Thank you.

Jigsaw Puzzles: perfect for unwinding as the nights draw in...

Knowledge: there's so much to learn!!

Liturgy: Sue's on the Area Liturgy Group, known as ALGae for short. At least, it is now...

Merry Christmas to you!

New Job for Phil, still in the book trade, only this time bringing together my theological training and my bookselling experience: I'm now managing the Bookshop at London Bible College. I started the new job on October 9th, when we came back from our Holiday.

Ordinands: teaching them how to read and interpret the Old Testament.

Parade Services: fun and games with the Scouts, Cubs & Beavers and Guides, Brownies & Rainbows.

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