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Please note that this website is an archive of Yiewsley's free information portal, originally brought to you by St Matthew's Church. The project was discontinued in 2007 and (other than the link to St Matthew's) none of the information provided has been updated since then: it is preserved here purely as a matter of historical interest, a snapshot in time of the way Yiewsley was. For more up to date information please visit

What's it all about? was launched on New Year's Day 2006 to provide free community information for everyone living or working in and around Yiewsley.

It's a very simple concept: an A-Z guide to everything and anything that's available in the local community with: You can find out more from the Official Launch Press Release.

Who's it for?
If you live or work in or around Yiewsley, is for you. Yes, you. So explore the site, find the gaps, fill them in. Sign the Visitors' Book. Play around with PageBuilder. Make it happen.

Who's behind it?
The site is hosted by St Matthew's Church, provided as part of the church's mission to serve the community. Some people say that the church is dead: they're dead wrong. St Matthew's is very much alive and well, and is here for you.

We're here at the critical points in life: "hatch, match and despatch" as some people like to put it. But we're also here inbetween times, a group of people following Jesus, trying to be like Jesus, not always succeeding but never giving up.

If you're looking for perfect people, please try elsewhere — but if you're looking for people on a journey, trying to make sense of life in an increasingly senseless world, please come along and join us. God knows we need each other!! See the St Matthew's Welcome Page for more info about who we are and what's on when.

The site was researched, designed and set up by Phil Groom, a member of St Matthew's Mission & Outreach Team. He's also responsible for maintaining it... but he insists that you're responsible for making it happen: if you can't find what you're looking for, it's probably because you — or someone you know — hasn't provided the information.

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