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Feeling the heat?

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Local resident Deborah King introduces a series of articles
responding to the challenges of climate change.

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Series Index
1. Feeling the heat?
2. Saving CO2 at the Co-op
3. HAVS Have a Cunning Plan...

The Oxfam shop has a pamphlet next to its Fair Trade chocolate. It shows a picture of an African village facing climate change. Declining land quality, reduced water supply and a population already under stress unable to feed its animals.

Protesting under a banner of ‘no more war for oil’ a few years ago made me aware of my own hypocrisy. If the war was for oil, it wasn’t just to keep the lights on in government buildings: it was for my home too. So I had to make changes if I was to stop contributing towards the problem. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”!

Eco Audit

When we moved to Yiewsley, we got an energy audit done on our home by Donnachadh McCarthy, shown in the photograph on the right pointing out areas for cutting CO2. We are working through the proposed changes step by step. When the tumble drier finally went after many years’ service, we had a debate about price vs energy efficiency. Some tumble dryers came with an ‘A’ efficiency rating, the best kind for cutting energy bills. Others came with worse energy efficiency ratings and were cheaper. After debate we felt we had to go with cutting CO2. Although the ‘A’ rated tumble dryer cost more as an item to buy, its running costs were cheaper.

Next month I shall look at the Co-op and Jay, who is the supermarket’s energy saving champion.

If you would like to try and work out a strategy about how to reduce Yiewsley’s consumption of energy – your school, office or voluntary group might want to get involved – please let me know.

— Deborah King, April 2007.

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