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Feeling the heat? Part 2:
Saving CO2 at the Co-op

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Deborah King continues her series of articles on climate change,
introducing Jay Jethwa, manager and energy saving champion at Yiewsley Co-op.

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Series Index
1. Feeling the heat?
2. Saving CO2 at the Co-op
3. HAVS Have a Cunning Plan...

Jay Jethwa, Yiewsley Co-op The Co-op is one of the most trusted companies in the UK. Nationally, the Co-op has ambitious plans to be a significant generator of renewable energy. It hopes to supply 100 gigawatts of electricity to the National Grid using wind turbines. This could power more than 20,000 homes.

Jay Jethwa, pictured here on the right, is manager of Yiewsley Co-op and is its energy saving champion. Nationally all branches are doing energy audits. So far, his branch has done a survey of the light fittings. “We have a foil blind which gets pulled down over the chiller cabinets to save energy”. Soon the Co-op will sell only appliances which get the top ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency.

Jay is keen to help local residents save energy and has nominated St Matthew's School to receive solar panels from the Co-op. Jay says: “If you look at the news, especially about global climate change, a Caribbean island through no fault of their own is going to disappear. It is about social responsibility. I think the Co-op has taken on a big issue.”

Next time, Ted Hill, Director of Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services will explain what HAVS is doing to reduce CO2 in the voluntary sector. If you would like to try and work out a strategy about how to reduce Yiewsley’s consumption of energy – your school, office or voluntary group might want to get involved – please let me know.

— Deborah King, May 2007.

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