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HAVS Have a Cunning Plan
to Cut CO2 In Hillingdon

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Deborah King continues her series of articles on climate change,
introducing Ted Hill and Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services

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Series Index
1. Feeling the heat?
2. Saving CO2 at the Co-op
3. HAVS Have a Cunning Plan...

Ted Hill, the new Director of Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (HAVS), has a lot of experience of strategic action. He used to be Chief Executive of Barnet Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Chief Executive of Barnet Mind, the local branch of the mental health charity. As a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health, Ted knows the importance of reducing CO2 emissions for the protection of public health. Floods in the UK and globally may be caused by climate change.

Ted is determined to ensure that HAVS works effectively to encourage energy efficiency in the voluntary sector. He said,

Every Council for Voluntary Service should be a conduit between the statutory and voluntary sectors. We should lead by example and make organisations aware of what they can do.

HAVS has completed its own energy audit of Key House. Heat loss through the windows has been cut; paper (after it has been reused) is recycled by Hillingdon Council. HAVS are trying to meet the Environmental Quality standard set by Green Mark, an award scheme for small and medium sized businesses. The scheme helps organisations to save money by stopping waste and show their eco credentials to their funders and customers. Baldrick couldn’t do better!

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