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People are at the heart of any community. People like you... so this page is your opportunity to tell the rest the world who you are, what you like — in fact, whatever you like. Please use the Visitors' Book to provide information about yourself or anyone else who you think should be featured on this page. People are listed A - Z by surname.

Phil Groom
Photo: Phil Groom Phil Groom is this website's administrator. You probably think he's the one to blame if you don't like what you find here, but that's only true if you've sent him your feedback via the Visitors' Book and he's ignored your comments. He's not supposed to do that without good reason, so please tell his wife, Sue Groom, the Vicar at St Matthew's, if you think he's being unreasonable. She'll soon straighten him out. On the other hand, if you haven't sent in any feedback yet, you're as much to blame as anyone if things aren't right. Your website: your choice.

John Randall MP
John Randall is our MP. He doesn't live in Yiewsley but he's a friendly chap who believes - in his own words - "that politics is about interactive dialogue". He isn't afraid to fight his corner or that of his constituents — so visit his website and get interactive today!

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