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Plea to Council: Don't Destroy Our High Street!

Petition: Don't Destroy Our High Street! Sunday, February 5, 2006
Updated Wednesday, February 8, 2006

A petition, already signed by more than 70 people, has been circulated to oppose the plans reported last week that, if approved, would bring radical change to Yiewsley High Street.

The petition — blank copies can be downloaded as a pdf file (69k) by clicking the image on the right — appeals to the council with the title Don't Destroy Our High Street! and opposes the plans on the basis that the proposed development will: At the petition's launch one outraged local resident said, "I don't care what the official objections are: I don't want it!" Another commented, "We were married at St Matthew's Church: that branch of Woolworths is in our wedding photos — thay can't take that away!"

Phil Groom, another local resident who initiated the petition, explained, "I'm not opposed to change or development but to these specific plans: if they're approved, we'll have a five-storey mega-structure that will dominate the skyline and completely change the character of the local High Street. Change is good: development is good — but why propose something that's so utterly out of place compared to the existing buildings and which will inevitably cause a lot of grief in terms of increased congestion, parking problems and pedestrian safety?"

Copyright restrictions prevent reproduction of the plans here but anyone concerned can inspect them in person at the Planning Services reception desk, Level 3, Uxbridge Civic Centre, 8.45am - 5.15pm Monday to Friday (late opening until 7.30pm Thursdays). Some documentation is also available online at the Hillingdon Section of where comments can be lodged via an online form. A selection of drawings are on display in the window of Gordon's along with a letter outlining Gordon Ede's rationale for the development.

Objections must be lodged within 21 days of the plans' announcement, that is, no later than February 15th 2006.

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