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Road Safety: Top 10 Tips
Yiewsley High Street

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Every year people are killed crossing Yiewsley's roads.

To make sure it doesn't happen to you, follow these top 10 tips:
  1. Never step in front of moving traffic
    You'd be amazed at how many people try this. Most of them are dead.

  2. Think danger: never assume it's safe
    It's true: when it comes to traffic, everyone else is an idiot.
    And the ones on wheels are out to get you.

  3. Use a Pedestrian Crossing whenever possible
    There are pedestrian crossings all along Yiewsley High Street:
    • At the Railway Bridge roundabout
    • Outside the Co-Op
    • Outside Kirk House (Entrance to St Matthew's School)
    • Outside Aldi & Iceland
    • At the junction with Falling Lane

    Yet we've all seen them: dancers with death, ducking and diving, playing "dodge the traffic" between the High Street crossings. Why do they do it? Can it really be worth it? What's the good of saving a couple of minutes if you then lose weeks or months in hospital or end up dead?? Not to mention the extra stress it causes for drivers...

  4. Always wait for the crossing to change in your favour.
    Then wait a moment longer for the traffic to stop.

  5. If the traffic has stopped...
    Always make sure the drivers of the nearest vehicles have seen you.
    Never start across unless the drivers of the nearest vehicles have acknowledged you.
    Beware of blind spots! Keep well clear of high vehicles such as coaches or lorries where the driver's view may be obscured.

  6. Beware of Flashers!
    Never trust drivers who flash their headlights:
    • They may not be flashing at you.
    • They may have seen you, but other drivers may not!
    • Think about overtakers and vehicles coming the other way.

  7. If there's no crossing...
    • Stop. Look. Listen.
    • Only start to cross when the road is clear in all directions.
    Only go halfway if there's a central reservation.
    Never attempt to cross halfway then dodge the traffic in the middle of the road.

  8. Be especially careful if it's dark, wet or slippery.
    • Be safe: be seen! Wear or carry something bright, light or reflective.
    • If it's slippery for you, it's slippery for the traffic: just because cars have brakes doesn't mean they'll stop. And you'll have breaks if they hit you.

  9. Visit the Government's Road Safety Website Hedgehog looks and listens — it's aimed at kids but everyone can learn from it.

  10. If you decide to ignore this advice...
    • Make sure you've booked your funeral.
    • Make sure you've written your will.
    • Make sure you've got life insurance cover to pay for your friends to have a round of drinks in your memory.
    • Warn your friends and family that you've got a death-wish and they really shouldn't let themselves get too attached to you.
    • When you get to the Other Side, tell God that you're early. Don't worry, you won't be the first: he's kinda getting used to early arrivals by RTA now.
    • Goodbye.

Life is Precious: Don't Throw it Away!

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