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Terms of Use
This website is an archive of Yiewsley's free information portal, originally brought to you by St Matthew's Church. The project was discontinued in 2007 and (other than the link to St Matthew's) none of the information provided has been updated since then: it is preserved here purely as a matter of historical interest, a snapshot in time of the way Yiewsley was. For more up to date information please visit

All information provided was believed to be correct at the time of posting but may or may not be correct now. No liability whatsoever can be accepted for any errors or for any consequences arising therefrom.

No endorsement of any business listed is implied.

Any relationship or transaction established between you and any business listed exists only between you and that business: it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the business meets your requirements.

Opinions expressed are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of either St Matthew's Church or the editor.

Use of the site indicates acceptance of these terms.

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