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David Manning,
Former resident, 1952-1969
26 August 2007 I would like to confirm that Norman Tyrrell was once an organist at St Matthew's and possibly a teacher at the school. The period would have been the late 1950s and 1960s. I was friends with his son, Michael, and remember Norman to be a multi-talented man. Any information about the family would be appreciated.
Rhianna Wright,
26 March 2007 Hello, is there any chance you could add this site to your website? We are looking for new members from all around the Hillingdon area...

Many thanks,

Rhianna Wright, Activities Officer
Hillingdon and Harrow Active Plus
Hi Rhianna - no problem: added to the Useful Links section of the Community Page. Here's hoping you get lots of new members!
All the best,
John Garlick,
21 February 2007 G'day Phil, my name is John Garlick and I was born at 3 Whitethorn Place, Yiewsley. I have been in Australia for over 25 years and I was browsing on the net the other day, when I came across all this info on Yiewsley. I had some fantastic times growing up there and I would love to come back and visit. I went to school at Evelyns Secondary and Colham Manor Junior School. I probably still have some school friends there and I would love to try and get in touch with them. Maybe you could help me there? Regards, John Garlick.
Hi John - I suggest you check out the Yiewsley Chat forum: some of your old mates may well hang out there from time to time.
Best wishes,
Paul Mathers,
Cornerstone Centre, Yiewsley
9 January 2007 Hi, Yiewsley Cornerstone Centre based at Yiewsley Baptist Church have now their own web site, could you please update your links page?

From January 2007, Cornerstone Centre now has a full time development worker whose task it is to identify needs within the community. We are at present offering Positive Parenting courses in association with Bell Farm and a weekly Chat Cafe for parents. We are exploring funding for a range of activities to assist the local community and these will be posted on our site when available. It is planned that over the next few months we will be in contact with local voluntary associations to explore working together for the community.
Yvette Lingwood,

27 July 2006 Hello, I'm trying to find relatives on my father's side, surname Catling or Catlin. He was Frederick Thomas Catling and his parents were Lizzie and Tom Catling. He was only child, but had cousins who he has lost contact with. I would like to know if any are still in the area.
Terry Hissey,
St Martin's, West Drayton
28 May 2006 Hello, I would like to add a page to the site about the Y Team children's group that meets at St Martin's West Drayton Church. Would we come under your catchment area?
Hi Terry - yes, definitely: if you use PageBuilder you'll be able to preview your page before submitting it. Alternatively, if it's easier, send your info along with any photos or other pictures to or drop a printed copy in to St Matthew's Church.
Best wishes,
Phil Groom, Webmaster
Diane West 4 May 2006 Do you have a page/community site for those born and bred in Yiewsley but no longer live in the area? I now live just outside Cambridge. I lived in Yiewsley until I was 17 - my mother belonged to Young Wives and Mothers' Union, I was christened and confirmed (1969?) at St Matthew's - no longer have family around the area but would love to know what is going on and maybe get involved.
Hi Diane - I suggest you check out the Yiewsley Chat forum: that's what it's there for!
Best wishes,
Phil Groom, Webmaster
Anthony Vidgen 3 May 2006 I grew up in Yiewsley, lived in Whitethorn Avenue until I was fifteen. I am 20 in less than a week's time, and this site brings back so many memories for me. It's nice for me to be able to show people the place I grew up in over the internet, THANK YOU!
Margaret Stevenson [Caldwell] 2 April 2006 Lived in Yiewsley...Castle Avenue till 1965 when all the family left for Melbourne. This site has memories.
Juan Carlos 24 February 2006 Thanks for your efforts putting this website together. It's good to have such a great source of information about our town!
David Bee 20 February 2006 Very interesting and informative.
Sarah J 17 February 2006 Hi, congratulations on a great site. I have lived in Yiewsley for the past 8 years and I think this site is a great idea. I hope lots of residents find your site so we can all join together and make Yiewsley a better place.
Bitu 7 February 2006 Sir,
The best thing that can happen to Yiewsley is this development. Let's go forward, this town has been stagnant for the past 30 years and a new face lift is required for this town to survive.
9 January 2006 This is a tremendous website. So professional!! I hope it grows and grows. Best wishes from Jon and all at
Lisa, Robin, Phoebe, Tabea & Alisha 8 January 2006 Wow, a wonderful site, you have done a great job Phil, we love it!! Very informative!
Len & Joy Groom,
5 January 2006 Pleased to see that your OX has come back, hope it will not be too long before your Ass is back. The Yiewsley News looks very good. Well done!!
Peter Delaney,
Archdeacon of London
4 January 2006 My dear Family of Yiewsley, I have much enjoyed visiting your web site and seeing the local community as the setting for your ministry. The site is clear, helpful, welcoming and it is a pleasure to learn of your work through this electronic means. May I take the opportunity to send you all greetings for a good New Year and every blessing. Best wishes, Peter Delaney.
Mairi Murphy
St Catherine's Church, West Drayton
4 January 2006 What a great idea. Most useful for people just moving into the area, or needing information. Will pass the email address on to my friends and post it on our board in the church porch. Congrats.
Phil Groom,
St Matthew's Church, Yiewsley
1 January 2006 It's kinda lonely in this Visitors' Book all by myself: please join me by leaving a message!

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