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Just Cards Direct Just Cards Direct was started in 2007, with 2 purposes: firstly to support card makers working in Christian development projects in Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa; and secondly to financially support charities in the developing world.

Our Greeting Cards
We sell a wide range of handmade cards, as well as printed cards, including Christmas cards - all available on our website. We also sell to shops, businesses, traders and churches.

We work with six different card projects in Africa. Each one provides fair employment to orphans, widows or those who would otherwise not have work. In some small way we are able to help provide justice, dignity and hope for those living in poverty.

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For correspondence only:
Surrey GU10 3DL
Phone: 01252 797376

Contact: Anne Horrobin

Retail: www.justcardsdirect.com
Wholesale: www.justcardswholesale.com

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Products & Services Available
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Charity Partnership
We are linked with a number of Christian based charities (Jubilee Action, Christian Blind Mission, Ellel Ministries, Flame International, and Armed Forces Christian Union) and any such charity can apply to partner with us.

We have a charities page on our website, giving a little information about each charity and a link to their website.

Our heart, in partnering with Christian charities and missions, is to place practical physical help, alongside the spiritual input of a charity, as we together build the Kingdom of God in the developing world.

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