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We offer a wide range of titles covering the world's major faiths to customers ranging from niche independents to High Street chains. Our extensive range of Bibles covers all denominations and our books for younger readers are useful tools for understanding faith. We also provide an outstanding selection of Christian Fiction, Spirituality, Devotional Classics and Theology, with authors ranging from Marcus Borg to Eugene Peterson to James Martin.




Mission Statement
Suppliers of books that hold the key to understanding various faiths and beliefs from around the world.

Specialist Interests
We supply books for outside events, festivals and conferences. Library supply. Titles for theological colleges and university libraries. Author events. (Proforma invoices for author events, exhibitions, launches)

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59 Hutton Grove
London N12 8DS
Phone: 020 8446 2440 (office) or 07880 741344 (mobile)
Fax: 020 8446 2441

Contact: Mark Clifford, Sales Development Executive or Linda Tenenbaum, Senior Sales Executive

Website: www.kuperard.co.uk

Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 5.45pm

Products & Services Available
checkboxCarriage Free Delivery on orders over £30 invoice value
checkboxNo Minimum Order Value
checkboxPubEasy (Orca)

Other Services
Frequent mail shots giving up-to-date listings of new titles.
Newsletters providing special offers and higher discounts for limited periods.

Other Info
Our Sales and Marketing team, based in London, are available to visit clients old and new.

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