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Living Oasis Aberdeen was one of a new chain of Christian retailers in the UK which commenced operations in 2010, taking over most of the former Wesley Owen bookshops. Sadly, in early 2011, just a year after the project was launched, news began to emerge of staff lay-offs and shop closures, with the Inverness premises acquired by CLC in February whilst Aberdeen, Bedford, Belfast and Sutton were either closed down or slated for closure in March... Read more...
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Ceased trading February 2011

205 George Street,
Aberdeen, Scotland AB25 1HY

News & Notes (most recent first)
Living Oasis: Aberdeen and Inverness closures acknowledged; Bedford, Belfast and Sutton closures confirmed: UKCBD Blog, 02/03/2011
Living Oasis, Aberdeen, closing down: UKCBD Blog, 15/02/2011
Living Oasis: Today's Openings: Weston-Super-Mare, Aberdeen and Manchester: UKCBD Blog, 20/03/2010

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