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From the London Mennonite Centre shop info page:
You have read that there are big changes afoot with the London Mennonite Centre, and also with Metanoia Books.

As we look to relocate the London Mennonite Centre and secure our work on a sustainable basis, we're having to radically re-think how we get top quality theology, peace, social justice, church development and Anabaptism titles into wider circulation.

For years, Metanoia Books has been a quality retail and trade service. But with the huge growth in online services like Amazon, it's impossible to compete on the same basis.

So when LMC relocates, Metanoia will be giving way to a more manageable Centre bookstall while we work with Ekklesia and other partners in promoting books online in a way that reduces overheads and enables us to make a modest profit...

Mission Statement
Rooted in the Anabaptist tradition, cultivating Christian discipleship as a way of life

Specialist Interests
Radical Discipleship and Social Justice

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Status Uncertain: all change as the the London Mennonite Centre prepares to relocate to Birmingham (see News & Notes below)

(PO Box 70108
N12 7DW)
Phone: 0300 666 0174


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News & Notes
Developing future for the Mennonite Centre: Jeremy Thomson, London Mennonite Trust

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