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A Permanent Becoming: ReviewOctober 2008 A Permanent Becoming: Review
Alan Mann, what are you doing to me? When I invited Alan to tell me about his new book, when I designated that book UKCBD 'Book of the Month' for September 2008, little did I realise what I was letting myself in for...

A Permanent BecomingSeptember 2008 A Permanent Becoming
I invited Alan Mann to tell us about his new book - and that's precisely what he's done. So not a review but an author's story. Read, enjoy, then get on down to your nearest Christian bookshop to buy and read the book - because the challenges Alan sets before us here are far too important to ignore.

The Dave Walker RepostsAugust 2008 The Dave Walker Reposts
Sometimes things don't work out as planned, even for highly placed business men and lawyers...

What am I doing here?July 2008 What am I doing here?
What we have here is a real gem of a book: an introduction to church that starts where we are rather than where the church is, and which bids us welcome even when the church itself seems to delight in building obstacle courses.

Justice and the Heart of GodJune 2008 Justice and the Heart of God
Not a review but an author's story: I invited Emma Kennedy to tell us how she became involved with Christian Aid and what inspired her to write this book...

Embracing GraceMay 2008 Embracing Grace
At the heart of this book lies a very simple belief - the heart-cry of today's generation tired of the old way of doing church - it is this: the gospel is to be performed and not just proclaimed.

Why Forgive?April 2008 Why Forgive?
With no simple platitudes to placate us, and no seven steps to perfecting forgiveness to follow, this book is a hard, even harrowing look at the reality of what it means to be hurt and be able (or in some cases, unable) to forgive.

One Step BeyondMarch 2008 One Step Beyond
You know you're reading a gripping book when you almost miss your tube stop. That's what just happened to me, just looked up in time and leapt through the door before it slammed shut on my heels...

The Dawkins DelusionFebruary 2008 The Dawkins Delusion
In less than 100 pages the McGraths do a far more thorough job of dismantling Dawkins than Dawkins does of dismantling God in his 400 page bestseller, 'The God Delusion'.

Insight into AnxietyJanuary 2008 Insight into Anxiety
A practical and helpful guide to anxiety: a valuable resource for those suffering from it as well as for those working to alleviate anxiety in others.

Thirty Days with Mary and JosephDecember 2007 Thirty Days with Mary and Joseph
This colourful book is a must-have for any young Christian family for the Advent season. In these days of mass commercialisation of Christmas, it's great to find an alternative to chocolate advent calendars, which has a solid Christian message for children to engage with during the run up to Christmas.

The Doors of the SeaNovember 2007 The Doors of the Sea
Everywhere, Hart's language is electric and his style energetically lucid and deeply polemic. Indeed, and as one blogging friend put it to me recently in private correspondence, it makes reading anyone else rather boring by comparison!

Love Your NeighborOctober 2007 Love Your Neighbor
Living in turbulent times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the ethical challenges confronting a believer living in the post-Christian 21st-century. This book is a welcome resource in a time where relativism and personal freedom blur the biblical lines of morality.

An Emergent Manifesto of HopeSeptember 2007 An Emergent Manifesto of Hope
I am blown away. Reading this book, I think I have an inkling - just an inkling, mind - of how those two disciples on the Emmaus Road must have felt so many years ago as they spoke with the newly risen Jesus: 'Our hearts burned within us...'

The iPodAugust 2007 The iPod
Brian Draper, a graduate of London School of Theology and lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity - as well as frequent BBC Radio 4 'Thought for the Day' presenter - offers us 32 pages of thoughtful and biblically focused reflections on the iPod.

The Good ArtistJuly 2007 The Good Artist
This superbly illustrated story from CWR could well become 'Journey Into Life' for the next generation: the Good Artist draws a perfect picture, a perfect world in which he draws perfect animals and people. All is well until the people take the lid off the forbidden paint pot - Splat! And as any parent with toddlers will know, once kids start throwing paint around, we're in for a serious mess...

Live Laugh and Be BlessedJune 2007 Live Laugh and Be Blessed
In an age of terror and unreason, in amongst the twisted thorns of heavy theology and even heavier gunfire, this book shines like a ray of sunlight, restoring faith, resetting priorities, renewing hope.

How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Christian?May 2007 How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Christian?
A booklet that pulls you up short with simple reminders of how easy it can be to make changes for the better at a personal, church and community level.

The Biblical Revelation of the CrossApril 2007 The Biblical Revelation of the Cross
Why did Jesus die? It's a simple enough question at first glance: he was crucified. That's what happens: crucifixion kills. But for Christians, as well as for anyone else who wants to understand Christianity, that's inadequate: deeper questioning is called for...

The Manga BibleMarch 2007 The Manga Bible
Prepare to read the Bible as you've never read it before - totally mind-blowing, the Word of God alive and active, cutting edge as sharp as a Samurai sword.

For Young Women OnlyFebruary 2007 For Young Women Only
So ladies, think about the last time you liked a guy. Of course you probably spent hours upon hours discussing all the 'what if's' ...

Heroes & VillainsJanuary 2007 Heroes & Villains
Through popular heroes and villains, this book shows how faith and hope versus fear works to influence human attitudes and actions.

Carol PraiseDecember 2006 Carol Praise
At a time of year when church attendance soars, this volume presents a superb opportunity to breathe new life into old services which church leaders can ill afford to ignore.

Silent HeroesNovember 2006 Silent Heroes
These accounts stand as powerful testimony to the resilience of the human spirit and as a reminder to us all of the terrible price of war, a price that we must never forget.

Simply ChristianOctober 2006 Simply Christian
Simply brilliant... Wright expresses deep and complex ideas with great clarity.

Dear ChurchSeptember 2006 Dear Church
A book so remarkable that it receives not just one but two reviews, by Conrad Gempf and by Phil Groom.

The Secret Message of JesusJuly 2006 The Secret Message of Jesus
"If enough of us see the kingdom — and seeing it, rethink our lives, and rethinking our lives, believe that the impossible is possible — everything could change."

The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the TempleJune 2006 The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple
A small book with a powerful punch which gets to the bottom of the questions raised by The Davinci Code.

The Christian HandbookApril 2006 The Christian Handbook
A superb book that will crack you up with laughter one moment and pull you up short the next as you find yourself and your attitudes caricatured in its pages.

The Dream of Learning Our True NameFebruary 2006 The Dream of Learning Our True Name
A beautifully-presented series of poems and reflections for private and corporate worship use.

White ChinaJanuary 2006 White China
Spirituality tuned in to reality: just what the doctor ordered to get the new year off to a good start!

A Christmas CompendiumDecember 2005 A Christmas Compendium
Looking for a Christmas gift book that connects with the true Spirit of Christmas? Look no further than J John's Christmas Compendium!

Unlocking the DoorNovember 2005 Unlocking the Door
Packed with creative ideas for evangelism in the real world, this is too good a book to miss!

Mission-shaped ChurchOctober 2005 Mission-shaped Church
If you only read one Archbishops' Council report in your entire life, make it this one.

Mealtime Habits of the MessiahAugust 2005 Mealtime Habits of the Messiah
Just when you thought it was safe, Jesus drops in for dinner...

The Barbarian WayJuly 2005 The Barbarian Way
Avoid this book at all costs: it's dangerous.

Not the End of the WorldJune 2005 Not the End of the World
All aboard for the ride of your life, a mystery cruise into the unknown! But this is no luxury cruise liner, this is Noah's Ark - and it certainly isn't all aboard: it's the chosen few, Noah's family, the righteous saved from the wrath of God... and the animals went in, two by two.

A Generous OrthodoxyMay 2005 A Generous Orthodoxy
If you only read one faith-related book this year, make it this one.

Detox Your Spiritual Life in 40 DaysApril 2005 Detox Your Spiritual Life in 40 Days
Perhaps the greatest accolade that I can give this book is simply this: it works.

The Last DiscipleMarch 2005 The Last Disciple
Left Behind - or taken in? Thousands, if not millions, of Christians have been...

Child Rearing for FunFebruary 2005 Child Rearing for Fun
Trust your instincts and enjoy your children!

Jesus and People Like UsJanuary 2005 Jesus and People Like Us
Passionate and powerful, this is one of those rare Christian books that's almost impossible to put down...

A New Kind of ChristianDecember 2004 A New Kind of Christian
It's easy to get lost in the post - but it's supposed to happen to letters, not people. Christians, of no fixed abode (see Hebrews 11:13-16) but so often with a fixed mindset, seem to be especially susceptible...

What Would Buffy Do?November 2004 What Would Buffy Do?
Can Christians learn something from the spirituality of a Vampire Slayer?

The Lost Message of JesusOctober 2004 The Lost Message of Jesus
Ever felt disillusioned with Christianity? You go through life carrying a truckload of garbage, then you go to church and find another truckload dumped on you. It's enough to make you want to jack the whole thing in.


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