BST New Testament Series - CD ROM BST New Testament Series - CD ROM
Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series
Libronix Digital Library for Windows with Logos Bible Software 3

John Stott, Series Editor
ISBN 9781844742417 (1844742415)
IVP, 2007

Category: Commentaries
Subcategory: New Testament

For those people who use IT on a regular basis, this CD-ROM is an excellent way to make use of this excellent series of commentaries. It is also a very cost effective way of purchasing the whole series, plus it saves on bookshelf space!

Linked in to the Libronix Digital Library System, the software is simple to load with instructions at each stage of the installation. A brief leaflet accompanies the computer package to assist in this process. System Requirements to run the package are as follows:

Computer/Processor - 500 MHz Pentium 3 (1 GHz Pentium III recommended), CDU/DVD ROM drive.
Operating System - Microsoft Windows 98 or later (Will run on Windows 98/98SE/Me/NT 4.0 (SP6a)/2000/XP/Vista).
Software - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
Memory - 192MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended).
Hard Drive Space - 550MB.
Screen Resolution - 800x600 (1024x768 recommended).

As you load the programme a number of different books can be "unlocked". There are still further books that can be purchased online to add to the individual's library, for example, and a number of different versions of the Bible are available.

The CD-ROM works through a number of drop-down menus which are simple to use. There is a good search facility with three different options including the "Bible speed search". A number of visual markup options are available enabling the user to choose the format by which they display information. "Favourites" and "Bookmarks" can be developed. The Tools drop-down menu facilitates such tasks as library management; research tools; Bible study; Bible comparison and Bible data. Other interesting facilities include an exegetical guide and Bible word study.

When I first looked at the drop-down menu under "My Library" I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of information available. Information is categorised both under the author's name as well as each individual title. There are also a number of subject areas e.g. Holy Spirit - Biblical Teaching which refer the user back to the relevant books within the whole BST series.

I have used a number of the BST volumes already (in book form) and have always found them very helpful. Though it is still early days in my personal usage of this programme, I am very satisfied with what I have discovered already. It will be an excellent help in personal Bible study and sermon preparation.

Full Contents List
The Message of...
Matthew, Michael Green
The Sermon on the Mount, John Stott
Mark, Donald English
Luke, Michael Wilcock
John, Bruce Milne
Acts, John Stott
Romans, John Stott
1 Corinthians, David Prior
2 Corinthians, Paul Barnett
Galatians, John Stott
Ephesians, John Stott
Philippians, Alec Motyer
Colossians and Philemon, Dick Lucas
Thessalonians, John Stott
1 Timothy and Titus, John Stott
2 Timothy, John Stott
Hebrews, Raymond Brown
James, Alec Motyer
1 Peter, Edmund Clowney
2 Peter and Jude, Dick Lucas and Chris Green
John's Letters, David Jackman
Revelation, Michael Wilcock

Paul Greene, January 2008

Paul Greene works as a senior manager in the Social Services. An ordained priest in the Church of England, he has been disabled since birth and is confined to a wheelchair.


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