Christian Life and Why It Makes Sense Christian Life and Why It Makes Sense
DVD Pack with Leader's Guide and Resources CD ROM

Stephen Gaukroger
ISBN 9780903202121
LBC Productions, 2007

Category: Small Group Resources
Reviewed by: Clem Jackson

This is very good. Many Christians don't have the understanding or confidence to share their faith with non-believers which is where this six-part series may just prove invaluable. Fronted by Steve Gaukroger, and based on his book It Makes Sense, this resource for home groups includes contributions from Derek Tidball, Peter Riddell, Anna Robbins, Alister McGrath, Mark Greene and others.

Each section looks at a specific point such as "Why God Exists" and "Why Bad Things Happen" — the sort of issues people use as objections to Christianity. Difficult issues are discussed and the programme provides an outline for a home group meeting to follow.

This is a high quality production and Gaukroger is an interesting and animated presenter. The contributions from the 'experts' are excellent as well and the accompanying CD ROM provides the resources needed for participants. One of the best teaching/training resources for ordinary church members I've seen.

Clem Jackson, May 2007

Clem Jackson is the Editor of Christian Marketplace magazine.

From a review previously published in Christian Marketplace Magazine, reused here by kind permission.
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