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Confessions of a Pastor Confessions of a Pastor
Adventures in Dropping the Pose and Getting Real With God

Craig Groeschel
ISBN 9781590527207 (1590527208)
Multnomah, 2006

Category: Church Leadership & Resources

Confessions of a Pastor: Adventures in Dropping the Pose and Getting Real With God is the perfect title for Craig Groeschel's brutally honest story of his struggles as the founder and pastor of From the early days as a church plant to its growth into a mega-church, Groeschel chronicles not only the corporate struggles of the church but also his many failings and inadequacies as the pastor. Not for the squeamish, the book candidly explores the spiritual walk of a man through the challenges of planting a church, weathering the storms that come, and emerging on the other side not necessarily victorious—but having a sense of God's strength despite his own weaknesses.

Transparency and honesty are buzzwords that are commonplace in the market of ideas of spiritual discipline and growth. As laypeople, we are encouraged to explore these ideas. But do we expect or desire the same from our pastors? Seemingly not. More than ever, the current climate is a distrust and suspicion of those who are called to be the leaders of the church. Our foolish expectation of these servants of God is to be people of strength, unflinching in their steadfastness and perfect examples of integrity. Should we be surprised when they are not?

Some may choose to continue to live in a state of denial. After all, aren't pastors supposed to be above reproach? Readers of Groeschel's book will find that they are far from it. Any person who reads this book will see a mirror of him or herself on each page—and, more importantly, we will see our pastors. This can be either a relief or terrifying—depending on what side of the fence they are on.

Groeschel opens the Pandora's box of lust and sexual purity dealing with it tastefully with a sense of sobriety without being titillating or shocking. Pride and arrogance also rear their ugly head. Marriage and parenting failures also litter the path of Groeschel's journey. How refreshing to hear that pastors do not necessarily always love their wives as Christ loved the church. What about raising their kids in the fear of the Lord? Inconsistently. In other words, they are just like you and me. Occasionally victorious—more often than not, falling short.

Written in a quick-paced narrative style, Groeschel riddles his story with the lessons he has learned along the way. Ever the pastor, his lessons resonate with application not just for pastors but anyone seeking to grow in their faith.

Groeschel should be commended for being at the forefront of tearing down the stereotypes and unrealistic expectations we place upon our pastors. With his Confessions let's pray that other pastors, and all believers for that matter, will follow his lead and be fearless in admitting their faults and weaknesses. Our churches can only be better as we all learn to "drop the pose and get real with God."

Tim Berroth, January 2007

Tim Berroth is a 36-year old freelance writer in San Diego, California. He is an elder at Crossroads Church. You can view more of his work at, and The Misguided Saint. Visit his blog at


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