Grace Choices Grace Choices
Walking in Step with the God of Grace

Jeff Lucas
ISBN 1850785546
Authentic, 2004

Category: Christian Life & Discipleship

Peter Cotterell, former Principal of London Bible College (now London School of Theology) had a favourite saying: "To explain simply, you must understand profoundly." It's spot on for this book: Jeff Lucas explains grace in simple, down-to-earth terms that anyone can grasp, because grace has had a profound impact on Jeff's own life. It's not made him perfect or infallible, of course: grace doesn't do that. But it has enabled him to live with the imperfections and fallibilities, his own and others'.

Anyone familiar with Jeff's writing or speaking will have experienced his humour, and it shines here as he illuminates his points with stories from his own life and others. I'm repeating myself deliberately here: own and others. Because grace, as Jeff shows us, isn't something you can keep to yourself: it overflows. It has to: it flows from God's heart to Jesus, from Jesus to us.

The book's message is summed up in the title: Grace Choices. Those two simple words say it all: grace is God's gift to us - but it's our choice how we respond.

Trouble is, grace isn't always convenient. A drunk comes knocking at your door late in the evening, asking for a sandwich. Ungrace says go away; grace makes the sandwich - and a cup of tea to go with it. The drunk staggers off - and throws the sandwich over the wall into the neighbour's yard. Ungrace turns away and says never again; grace retrieves the sandwich, puts it on the birdtable, and prepares to make a fresh one for when the drunk returns.

No, grace isn't convenient: it's messy, painful, it's Jesus crucified, it's bloody and scandalous. But remember: it's ungrace that makes the mess, causes the pain, hammers home the nails.

A long time ago Moses said to the people of Israel, "I'm giving you a choice - God's way or your own, life or death, a blessing or a curse. Choose life!" (Deuteronomy 30:15-20). Now Jeff Lucas echoes that call: life or death, grace or ungrace. Making the grace choice will hurt - but the life and liberty that flow from it are amazing. More than a book to read, Grace Choices is a way of life.


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Phil Groom, October 2004

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