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Joseph's Hands Joseph's Hands

Kety Sabatini, Illustrated by Marie Sabatini
ISBN 9780979225888 (0979225884)
Bezalel Books, 2007

Category: Books for Children and Parents


God makes every one of us unique, giving us each special gifts and talents. In the newly released book Joseph's Hands, author Kety Sabatini shares a compelling tale which aptly illustrates God's love and creativity. Beautifully illustrated by Marie Sabatini, Joseph's Hands is the story of six year old Joseph and his search for purpose and meaning in his young life.

Joseph is the youngest of four brothers. Each of his brothers seems to have a special gift for working with his hands. Sam, the eldest, is a true handyman and great with tools. Brother Tony can fix any kind of machinery and Chris is the family's accomplished baker. As loving siblings, they try to involve little Joseph in their tasks, but the end result is always a shambles — a smashed thumb, a clock with its gears in a jumble, and bread dough that refuses to rise.

Joseph is despondent, fearing he will never grow up to have the clever and gifted hands his brothers possess. His loving parents console Joseph, encouraging him that one day he too will find his hands' purpose.

"Someday your hands will be a gift also," Joseph's mother gently remarks. Along the way, his parents remind him that our God is amazing enough to be able to create a unique set of fingerprints for each and every person — surely God also has a unique design and calling for each of us as well! With his family's love and support, Joseph must learn to trust God's perfect plan.

By the end of Joseph's Hands, readers learn that God has indeed crafted the perfect plan for Joseph and that in his own unique way he touches lives just as his brothers do in their own vocations. Marie Sabatini's illustrations masterfully evoke the book's plotline with wit and expressiveness.

Joseph's Hands is the perfect book to share with children ages four through eight. With its uplifting messages and engaging characters, this book reinforces that concept that God has designed each of us for a unique and wonderful purpose. Children will learn that like Joseph, if they trust God and His plan, they will one day love and serve God and others in their own singular fashion.

Lisa M Hendey, April 2007

Lisa M. Hendey, wife and mother of two sons, is an avid reader and the webmaster of numerous web sites including Visit her at for additional information. You can support by purchasing reviewed books through the Catholic Mom Amazon Associates Link.

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