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Preparing Him for the Other Woman Preparing Him for the Other Woman
A Mother's Guide to Raising Her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family

Sheri Rose Shepherd
ISBN 9781590526576 (1590526570)
Multnomah, 2006

Category: Books for Children and Parents

Moms wield great power with their sons. As a mother of two small boys, I often forget the powerful influence I have with these future men. We have a unique power to comfort, encourage, listen, pray with, and instruct our boys toward God and his awesome plan for them as men. When my oldest son gets hurt, he wants me, even if his father is right beside him. When he has emotional pain, he makes a bee-line straight for my arms because he knows he'll be comforted and it's safe to cry. Moms are an emotional, physical and spiritual touchstone for their boys.

In her book, Preparing Him for the Other Woman, Sheri Rose Shepherd uses scripture to encourage mothers in their journey to raise this next generation of men. Shepherd emphasizes that when our boys are young, we are the woman in their lives. We are the standard for them. We are defining and shaping how they look at women. The way a man loves a woman has much to do with what he learned as a little boy through his relationship with his mother. Sheri Rose Shepherd stresses the importance that if your son is going to respect his wife, he has to respect you first.

From a mother's perspective, it is helpful that Shepherd shows the importance of using every opportunity we have to train our sons while they are living in our home. Only a mother can teach her son:

  • to understand a woman's heart
  • how to express his love
  • the power of purity
  • what God says about being a man of his word
  • the importance of providing for his family
  • how to be a Godly leader
  • how to be accountable
  • how to be a hero
  • how to learn the art of affirmation
  • to resolve conflict
  • to find a good wife
  • to have a real relationship with God

Many boys are confused about the role of a man. This is why our impact as mothers is so pivotal. In the culture we live in, our sons get their information from television, radio, magazines (your Victoria's Secret catalog or the fashion magazines in the grocery store checkout stand), video games, internet, etc. With the ability moms have to shape our sons we can assist them in making wiser choices; choices to forgo the misinterpretations of society and see the truth behind a mother's wisdom and God's plan. Shepherd understands this well and uses God's great wisdom to guide us in how to steer our sons in the right direction.

Shepherd's heartfelt stories and examples are right on. I found myself laughing and crying while reading her stories. She further assists us by breaking down age groups in each chapter and giving specific methods for training our sons with great practical examples such as affirming him and recognizing him when he does something to show that he loves you. Shepherd states, "Make it a priority to be available to your son whenever he is willing to open his heart to you. Your availability to your son is an important way to affirm your love for him." Also, don't be afraid to say you're sorry. "If you embarrass your son or hurt his feelings, offer him a sincere apology."

These are just small glimpses of Shepherd's examples and wisdom for mothers. This is a must read book that I'm certain mothers will pass along to others. It is clear that God has given Sheri Rose Shepherd a great insight into raising boys that we all can learn from.

(Review by Heather Goodmanson courtesy of

Kelly Schauermann, January 2007

Kelly Schauermann is a 26-year-old student studying English at San Diego State University. Her work can be seen in Surfing Girl Magazine, Meanstreet Magazine, and at She enjoys travelling, music, photography and watching people. Kelly and husband Jared live in San Diego, California, and recently welcomed their first child, Chloe, to the world. Discover more at her blog, ableknife.

Author's Website: His Princess Ministries

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