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Searching 4 Faith Searching 4 Faith

Brian Draper
ISBN 0745951953 (9780745951959)
Lion Hudson, 2006

Category: Emerging Church & Postmodern Faith

In Searching 4 Faith Brian Draper reminds us — with the help of U2, Ghandi and Che Guevera (the one on all the T-shirts) — that the metaphor of 'path of faith' is not only a current Christian buzzword, but wholly biblical.

Jesus said that he was the way, the truth, and the life; not the ladder, the coolest philosophy, and the rat race. Moreover, his path, although straight and narrow, is not private or exclusive. It is inclusive: of anyone who wishes to embark on the faith journey. The path meanders, dips and rises, and ultimately there is progress towards truth. The progress may not be linear, as, we believed, was the advance of science and technology. But then again, truth is not simply a 'hypothesis' or a model. 'It' is a person: Jesus Christ.

In Searching 4 Faith, Draper discusses truth, suffering, church, and 'living the life', not as a spiritual junkie trying to earn one's wings, but as a human. He'll either — depending on your outlook — expand on answers provided by many 'How to be a Christian' books, or — if you're brave enough — provide another route entirely.

Associative rather than linear, Searching 4 Faith is a refreshing read for those who wish to delve between the 'three-point sermons' of easy answers. It plots a Christian narrative which will — frustratingly, for some — hide nuggets of truth to be found by those for whom this book is meant: those ready to search.

It is an introduction to the Christian faith, yet could equally serve the 'misfits' who have been Christians for centuries and desperately need a creative, passionate reminder of why-on-earth they are doing what they are doing.

Contents Summary
Section One: THE WAY
Who was Jesus?
What path should I choose?
The radical challenge of following Jesus
Section Two: THE TRUTH
How come everything is so screwed up?
What do I have to do to get some peace round here?
Authenticity and the search for the real
Section Three: THE LIFE
Must I go to church to be a Christian?
How do I make the most of my life?

Mark Burnhope, March 2006

Mark Burnhope is a graduate of London School of Theology. He is a 'trying' novelist and poet with a Masters Degree in Creative and Transactional Writing from Brunel University, and an alternative worship/emerging church obsessive.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.

Lion Hudson

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