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Wellspring Christian Bookshop, Brentwood Wellspring Christian Bookshop From the Revd Andy Neale, August 2011:
We are delighted to see a Christian bookshop up and running in Brentwood after an absence of four years or so. The previous shop, which belonged to the Southend Christian Bookshop chain, was situated at one end of the High Street and incorporated a small coffee shop. However, the council had a road widening scheme and the building went the way of all flesh!

Nevertheless, the LORD had other plans and the manager of the shop joined the residential team at Pilgrims Hall and the dream remained alive.

Pilgrims Hall is a non-denominational Christian Community seeking to support the work of churches as a resource in all number of ways. Amongst that has been the opening of Rendezvous, a larger version of the coffee shop, with the bookshop following on its heels a while later.

The shop runs in conjunction with Southend Christian Bookshop with some familiar faces behind the counter as well as welcome newcomers too.

Christian Café
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Pilgrims Hall, Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch,
Essex CM15 9SA  • Map
Phone: 01277 373413

Contact: Val Coulthard


Opening Times
  Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Tea Rooms:
  Tuesday and Friday, 10am - 4pm

Products & Services Available
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxCredit & Debit Cards accepted

News & Notes (most recent first)
My Town, My Country and the World: Ramblings from an English Garden, 23/05/2010 - Barbara Rogerson describes the shop's opening, with photographs.

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