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Dr Ian Charles Robinson, Novelist and Non-fiction (Doctrine) Writer

Dr Ian Charles Robinson

Women: Approved to Preach, Teach & Lead
Having completed an honours degree in business studies and a doctorate in strategic market modelling, Ian Robinson then entered the commercial world as a strategic planner and analyst in the advertising and marketing industry. His career spanned over thirty years, the latter half as a director and shareholder of a London advertising agency. On the successful sale of the company, he was able to serve the church full time, having done so in the roles of elder, trustee and pastor. He has a preaching and teaching ministry and has also ministered as an itinerant in Uganda. Currently, he is a leader in his local church where he regularly teaches and preaches.

He lives in London with his wife Ruth and their two children, Johnny, 10, and Christabel, 14.

Specialist Interests
Love the London Theatre scene
Swimming, snorkeling, generally bobbing about in or on the sea
Racquet ball

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Contact Info
Landline: 020 8645 2318
Mobile: 07906 861063
Skype: Ian Robinson

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Available for...
I work from home so am completely flexible in this respect. I'm an experienced presenter/speaker/teacher/preacher so am up for most things!!

Purley, Surrey

Books in Print

Women: Approved to Preach, Teach & Lead Women: Approved to Preach, Teach & Lead
ISBN: 9781505468526 (Paperback)
CreateSpace, 2015

eBooks Published
Women: Approved to Preach, Teach & Lead is also available for Kindle.

Books Planned
The Tithing Scandal
The Truth about Divorce and Remarriage
ManGod (novel)

Women: Approved to Preach, Teach & Lead
Amazon Customer Reviews

There's more...
Featured on Premier Radio's "Woman to Woman" programme on Tuesday 10th March 2015 speaking about my book with Maria Rodrigues (see video above/opposite).

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