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You can find your nearest shop by name, by location — either by County or by Town/City — or by using the search box featured on each page. Christian jewellers, gift shops and other specialist outlets are listed in the Other Christian Retailers section.
Important Notice about this Website
Please note that as of April 2018 no further updates to this site or its accompanying blog will be carried out.

I launched the project back in 2001 as an initiative to help bridge the gap between Christian booksellers and their customers, an era when more and more people were discovering the online world but very few Christian bookshops had their own websites. Those days are gone: facebook, twitter and other social media platforms are now providing the bridge that was so desperately needed back then.

My own life has also moved on: I am no longer involved in Christian bookselling and, due to other commitments, I no longer have either the time or the resources to manage a project such as this. What becomes of the project remains to be seen: time will tell.

From me, Phil Groom, in the famous words of the dolphins in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's "So long, and thanks for all the fish..."

Latest Updates (most recent first)
Cornerstone Christian Coffee Bar and Bookshop, Chesterfield Updated 6/12/2017
Green Pastures Christian Bookshop, Dereham Find Green Pastures Christian Bookshop, Dereham, on facebook Updated 20/11/2017
GLO Bookshop & Coffee Shop, Motherwell Find GLO Bookshop & Coffee Shop, Motherwell, on facebook Updated 19/11/2017
March Christian Bookshop, March Find March Christian Bookshop, March, on facebook Updated 15/9/2017
Shalom The Rainbow Shop, Bourton-on-the-Water Updated 13/9/2017
ChristianBits, (Online/Mail Order Only) Find ChristianBits, Haslemere, on facebook Updated 6/9/2017
Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop, Birmingham Find Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop, Birmingham, on facebook Updated 20/8/2017 *
LoveChristianBooks.com, Find LoveChristianBooks.com on facebook Updated 17/8/2017 *
Shiloh House Distribution, (Wholesale/Distribution Services) Find Shiloh House Distribution on facebook Updated 17/8/2017
Cornerstone, St Neots Updated 6/7/2017 CT (Archived Record)
Earlier updates are logged on the UKCBD blog under Latest Updates.
Notes: * New Entry; CD Closing Down; CT/RCT Ceased Trading/Reported Ceased Trading

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